Breakfast Box

Breakfast Box


Breakfast in a box, fresh from the market. Each Breakfast Box will contain:

Loaf of Bread - will be chosen from the available bakers at the market, rotating selection.

Fresh Fruit - seasonal fruit picked from among the top notch farmers at the Downtown Farmers Market. If you have a preference, we can try to accommodate. Include in the order notes before checking out.

Jam - Le Meadow’s Pantry - a seasonal choice - small batch, low sugar delicious jams made with local fruit

Pumpkin Pie Crunch - crunchy granola - 80g - sprouted nuts and seeds, vegan, locally made from Growing Fresh

Wildflower Honey from Jane’s Honey Bees - 250ml - fragrant, fresh honey collected from bees who pollinate wildflower fields

Drinkable Yogurt - Farm House Cheese - choice of honey, raspberry or blueberry. Smooth, thick and lightly sweetened.

Yogurt Drink:
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Breakfast Box orders will be available for pickup at the Downtown Farmers Market between 4-7pm each Thursday.